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Friday, 31 August 2012 09:41



ChechenCenter kept silent for about two days since the battle between warriors from Georgia and Dagestan, trying to conclude its own "Chechen version" of what happened in the reality. The more ChechenCenter was told of different stories, the more of surprising ideas appear and that made ChechenCenter to wait a bit longer to find out the truth.

Let's start from Russian media. Russian info-resources (that come directly from the head-office in Kremlin), of course, were resources that spoke almost "TOO MUCH" of the issue than the Georgian government did, even though this battle was held on the territory of Georgia. Why was it so important for Russia to announce than for Georgians. It should of been so important to the extent that Russia officially rushed to inform that Russian forces didn't cross the boarder and even "prompt" that it may have been "rebels from the Caucasus". Interesting, isn't it?

Georgian sources inform that these rebels didn't seem to be friendly. In the beginning, Georgian forces did not start the battle thinking if these rebels are really freedom fighters, but later on, rebels seemed as they came to commit something on the territory of Georgia. And that leaded to the battle between both the rebels and Georgian forces. For real, Georgians seem to be confused of not knowing what did really happen there. 

Georgian President made a speech saying that he feels sorry for both sides and for all who got killed in this battle. President Saakashvilli also commanded to bury rebels according to Islam. Just another statement meaning that it was only "very less" possible rebels' bad. 

KavkazCenter, Movladi Udugov's website known for supporting fsb-made "Caucasus Emirate" lies again. This time, KavkazCenter (as all the time) tried to present its sources as direct sources from "Caucasus Emirate." Of course, where else KavkazCenter will get their sources if not from Kremlin, since "Caucasus Emirate" is the idea of Kremlin and what else KavkazCenter will write if not what Kremlin told M.Udugov to write. This is why KavkazCenter writes that these were "Caucasus Emirate" so-called "forces" were crossing boarders in order to get into Dagestan and then Georgian forces fell into a fight. How come rebels would cross from Chechnya to Dagestan through Georgia if Chechnya shares most of its territory bordering with Dagestan? Why would Chechen rebels first go to Georgia, make a circle and then cross mountains over to arrive to Dagestan? Very very strange combination and impossible one for the rebellion movement that doesn't make any sense at all. Therefore, KavkazCenter didn't make any sense. KavkazCenter only reminded of Caucasian rebels as Russian media did - news follow the idea of Russian media - "blame the Chechens."

Chechen Republic of Ichkeria's authorities informed ChechenCenter that none of ChRI Forces' representative crossed over to Dagestan and that Chechen presence in this battle is an impossibility. 

Well, making our own research, ChechenCenter relying on all sources from internet believes that these rebels crossed the border from Dagestan to Georgia (we don't know what for) and maybe "tried" to go back. Governments in Dagestan and Georgia have nothing to say, they have told world-press that it is a confusion and that none of the sides know the truth story behind it. Interestingly, the only country that benefits from this "conflict" is Russia and Putin's government. Since the World is busy with Syria Putin has the ability to resolves his own problems in the Caucasus, which are "divide and conquer."

This battle on the Georgian-Dagestanian border carries more of political character rather than military. And as it says in politics - "see who did it benefit, and you will find whom to accuse."


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