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To: Mr. Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland


September 18, 2010


Respected Mr. Tusk, 

We at the international human rights group are deeply disappointed by the position of the Polish police and Procurator General Office who claimed that they “might arrest” Mr. Akhmed Zakaev, the Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, on demands of the Russian Federation. You know that the London Magistrate Court already tried Mr. Zakaev in open and fair trial and acquitted him completely, clearing him at all of accusations.

    Also, you know that Russian government waged and still conducts against the Chechen Republic, under pretext of the war against international terrorism, a war without any rules. Moreover, the FSB staged most of terror acts to blame Chechen side and justify this cruel, merciless war which took more than 250,000 lives, mostly innocent, including 40,000 children’s lives. Such war amounts to genocide, considering that the entire Chechen nation is less than one million.

    We suppose that you know what kind of regime Russia imposed in Chechnya through appointment of its puppet regime with the Head of the administration, Ramzan Kadyrov. Under his rule, innocent people are being abducted from their homes, tortured in the most cruel manner to disabled and forced to sign accusation papers blaming them of crimes they didn’t commit. The World Chechen Congress has plenty of documented such actions of the FSB RF.

     Akhmed Zakaev arrived at your country to lead the Congress as the true Prime Minister of free and independent Chechen Republic, which exists in exile and in the underground struggle. Moreover, Zakaev arrived at your country legally on the visa and invitation because he believe that Poland is the part of the EU and therefore respect international law. Now, with Zakaev in Polish police office, it’s time for Poland to prove this reputation of your country.

We urge you Mr. Tusk to show the entire world that Poland is indeed the free democratic country with independent powers and respect the international law. We urge you to issue a statement that Mr. Zakaev should be treated fairly and therefore freed unconditionally.       



Nadezhda Banchik,

member of Amnesty International USA;

Said Emin Ibragimov, President of the International Association Peace and Human Rights (Strasbourg);

Mayrbeck Taramov, Chechen Human Rights Center (Sweden);

Victoria Poupko, Anna Politkovskaya Fond (Boston, USA);

David Kudykov, Independent Writer (London).


Amnesty International is an independent worldwide movement working impartially for the release of all prisoners of conscience, fair and prompt trials for political prisoners and an end to torture and executions.  It is funded by donations from its members and supporters throughout the world.



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